What our clients say about us.

Mr.Dingaan Makondo (Swaziland)

2018-05-26, 12:26

AIHCD has well-structured course content relevant to boost professional experience. Excellent inter-personal relationship from the Director of Studies and the other Staff. The Institution has a conducive learning environment.


Nolwazi Dhlamini (Swaziland)

2018-05-05, 12:29

AIHCD is one of the organisations that is dedicated to excellence in all that the institute is engaged in doing. Its services are one of the optimal standard with respect to their areas of professional training.


Saumu Shaaban (Kenya)

2018-04-21, 12:27

AIHCD is rapidly becoming a centre of excellence that can help African states confront the challenges of public sector management.


Tafadzwa Vincent (Malawi)

2018-04-21, 12:23

The training programme at AIHCD is an excellent one with well-equipped facilities. I will encourage institutions in the sub-Sahara and even beyond to choose AIHCD as their training Institution.


Chimango Tamanda (Malawi)

2018-04-21, 12:21

AIHCD provides a range of modern day courses which is very important. The institution is equipped with all the necessary facilities for a conducive learning environment. The Institution also has highly knowledgeable facilitators with vast knowledge on subject matters. The administrative staff has knowledge on administrative matters. They have an excellent friendly relationship with all.


Shema Bonaventure (Rwanda)

2018-04-21, 12:19

The course on training was professionally structured and presented. I think the training deserves attending and it’s essential for middle level Managers to ensure the effective implementation and maintaining of laws, regulations and internal controls.


Dukuzumuremyi Gahiji (Rwanda)

2018-03-24, 12:16

Course: Managing Project Finances
The 2 weeks here in South Africa was a very memorable one, most especially with my training. I gained lots of knowledge in Managing Project Finances and I’ve had a vast understanding in the code of conduct of Management. I will not be fair if I don’t say anything about your welfare department. Everyone was great.