Sustainable Development in Energy Sector (SDES)

Venue: – Pretoria (RSA)

  1. Advanced Energy Economics
  2. Analysis & Planning of Investment Projects in the Energy Sector
  3. Energy and Climate Change
  4. Energy Auditing
  5. Energy Planning & Sustainable Development
  6. Energy Project Planning & Evaluation
  7. Environmental Impact Assessment of Energy Projects
  8. Environmental Monitoring in the Energy Sector
  9. Financial Management of Energy Projects
  10. Financing of Energy Projects
  11. Fundamentals of Energy Infrastructure Project Finance
  12. Fundamentals of Wind Energy
  13. General Energy Planning
  14. Implementing Rural Electrification Programme
  15. Investment Analysis & Energy Project Management
  16. Liquid Fuels Supply and Demand in Emerging Markets
  17. Logistics & Supply Chain Management in the Energy Sector
  18. Mainstreaming Gender in Sustainable Energy Planning and Management
  19. Management of Donor Finance in Energy Projects
  20. Management of Energy Installations Systems
  21. Micro Hydropower Technology Development
  22. Planning and Management of Energy Resources
  23. Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation of Energy Projects
  24. Renewable Energy & Sustainability
  25. Rural energy Planning and Management
  26. Strategic Procurement Management in the Energy Sector
  27. Sustainable Energy Planning
  28. Sustainable Gas Supply & Demand