Project Management and Contracts (PACM)

Venue: – Pretoria (RSA)

  1. Advanced Project Management
  2. Advanced Project Monitoring and Evaluation
  3. Advanced Project Analysis and Evaluation
  4. Advanced project finances Analysis
  5. Advanced Project Monitoring and Evaluation for Development Projects
  6. Effective Planning & Scheduling
  7. Gender Sensitive Project Planning and Management
  8. Managing Multiple Projects
  9. Methods and tools for project monitoring and evaluation
  10. Microsoft Project management
  11. Monitoring and evaluation of community and development project projects
  12. Negotiation Skills on Energy Projects and Supervision of International Contracts
  13. Participatory project planning and Management
  14. Private Public Partnerships for Development Projects
  15. Project Design Planning and Management
  16. Project Design, Proposal Writing and Fund Raising
  17. Project Finance Analysis
  18. Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
  19. Project Cycle Management
  20. Project Management for PAs, Secretaries and Administrators
  21. Project Management Fundamentals
  22. Project Management Skills for Non-Project Managers
  23. Project planning and management for NGOs
  24. Results Based Monitoring and Evaluation of development projects
  25. Strategic financial management of NGO Projects
  26. Sustainable Development Projects in Rural Communities
  27. Project Portfolio Management