Organisational Development and Human Resources

Venue: – Pretoria (RSA)

  1. Advanced Trainers Skills Development for Senior Trainers
  2. Building Self Esteem and Assertiveness Skills
  3. Coaching and Mentoring
  4. Conducting Effective Performance Reviews
  5. Conquering the Fear of Speaking in Public
  6. Crisis Management
  7. Employee Engagement
  8. Facilitation and Consultation Skills
  9. Gender Analysis and mainstreaming
  10. Good Governance and Leadership
  11. Hiring for Success – Behavioral Interviewing Techniques
  12. HR and the law
  13. HR for non-HR professionals
  14. HR policy development and implementation
  15. HR strategy fundamentals
  16. Human Resource Management and Development
  17. Integrating Organizational & Individual Performance Management Systems
  18. Introductory human resources Management and performance evaluation
  19. Knowledge Management
  20. Knowledge Management Training
  21. Labour Relations in the Public Sector
  22. Leadership Development Programme for Women
  23. Leadership Innovation and Change Management
  24. Leadership Skills for Supervisors – Communication, Coaching, and Conflict
  25. Leading & Communicating Change
  26. Management Advancement Programme
  27. Managing the Office Function
  28. Managing the Training Function
  29. Mastering the Interview
  30. Measuring HR Effectiveness
  31. Media Communication and Advocacy
  32. Mediation, Grievance Handling and Conflict Management Organisational Development
  33. Performance appraisal Techniques for PAs
  34. Performance Based Human Resources Management
  35. Performance Evaluation and Management
  36. Personnel Auditing and Training Needs Analysis
  37. Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Stabilisation
  38. Practical Supervisory and Leadership Skills
  39. Public Service Human Resource Planning and Management
  40. Results Based Performance Management
  41. Security and Risk Management
  42. Setting performance measures
  43. Social Media and Corporate Relations
  44. Social Media and Digital Journalism
  45. Specialized Competency Training of Instructors / Trainers
  46. Staff Performance, Appraisal and Evaluation Technique
  47. Strategic Human Resource Management
  48. Strategic Management for Prisons Support Programmes in Peace Operations
  49. Strategic Management Skills for Senior Executives
  50. Strategic Performance Management and Organisational Development
  51. Strategic Planning
  52. Strategic Relationship Management
  53. Strategic Thinking Management
  54. Strengthening Alliances and Network Management
  55. Talent Management and Succession Planning
  56. Target Setting and Performance Measurement for Public and Private Sector Institutions
  57. Team Building
  58. Training Needs Analysis and staff Development
  59. Training of Trainers (TOT)
  60. Understanding the role and Operations of the Ombudsman
  61. Work Place Peer Counselling
  62. Workforce Metrics: Introduction to Measurement in HR and Benchmarking
  63. Workforce planning
  64. Youth Leadership Development and empowerment