Development Policy and Economic Management and (DPEM)

Venue: – Pretoria (RSA)

  1. Budgeting for Efficient Economic Management
  2. Economic planning and budgeting
  3. Local Authorities Resources Mobilization and Management
  4. Macro-econometric Modelling and Forecasting
  5. Macroeconomic Policy Analysis and Management : Concepts, Tools and Techniques
  6. Macroeconomic policy formulation, analysis and management
  7. Macroeconomics for Public Sector Managers
  8. Management of Decentralized Development
  9. Management of Rural Development Programmes
  10. Market Analysis and Economic Policy Management
  11. Monetary and Fiscal Policies Management for Legislators
  12. Participatory management of rural development programmes
  13. Pension Funds Options and Management
  14. Planning and Management of Social Services and Infrastructure
  15. Policy Analysis for Parliamentarians and Policy Makers
  16. Policy design, Analysis and Empowerment
  17. Policy Formulation Implementation and Evaluation
  18. Policy implementation and Stakeholder Involvement
  19. Poverty Reduction Strategies Monitoring and Evaluation Systems
  20. Public Budgeting and Fiscal Management
  21. Public Debt Management
  22. Public Financial Management for Effective Aid
  23. Management for Policymakers and Parliamentarians
  24. Public Sector Management Strategies and Policies
  25. Quantitative techniques for macroeconomic analysis and management
  26. Research Methodology and Analysis for Government Officers
  27. Research Methods, Survey Methodology and Data Management
  28. Resource Mobilization for Rural Development
  29. Restructuring and Privatization of Public Enterprises
  30. Risk Management
  31. Sectoral policy design, analysis and management
  32. Social Policy Development and Empowerment
  33. Socio Economic rights
  34. SPSS for Researchers and Policy Analysts
  35. STATA Training
  36. Statistical Analysis for Planners, Budget Officers and Economists
  37. Statistical Methods and Computer Applications for Policy Analysts
  38. Statistical Methods for Poverty Profiling and Analysis
  39. Survey Methodology and Statistics for Enumerators
  40. Sustainable Mining Laws and Policy Implementation
  41. Sustainable Tourism Development and Management
  42. Tax Analysis and Revenue Forecasting
  43. Tax Management and Income Generation Strategies
  44. Telecommunication Markets and Data Management
  45. Trade Negotiation skills