Banking and Microfinance: Enterprise Development (BMED)

Venue: – Pretoria (RSA)

  1. Accounting Principles for Microfinance Institutions
  2. Advanced Credit Management and Debt Recovery
  3. Bank Reconciliation Course
  4. Banking Practice and Management
  5. Basic Entrepreneurial and Business Management Skills
  6. Business Planning in Microfinance
  7. Business, Credit Appraisal and Entrepreneurship development
  8. Credit Management and Debt Recovery
  9. Delinquency Management and Interest Rate Setting
  10. Development Strategies for SMEs
  11. Financial Analysis for Microfinance Institutions
  12. Financial Sector  Analysis  and  Economic  Policy Management
  13. Foreign Exchange Reserve Management
  14. Improving Operating Efficiencies in MFIs
  15. Income Generating Training
  16. International Payments and Settlements Systems
  17. Lending Methodologies and Product Development
  18. Management Information System for Microfinance Institutions
  19. MFI Performance Monitoring and Reporting
  20. Microfinance and Institutional Policy Development
  21. Micro-finance Management and Governance
  22. Microfinance Policy, Regulation and Supervision
  23. Microfinance risk management and internal control audit training
  24. Microfinance Training of Trainers
  25. Operational Risk Management for Microfinance Institutions
  26. Principles for successful Microfinance
  27. Rural Enterprise Development and Management
  28. Skills for Microfinance Managers
  29. SME Coaching and Mentoring Training
  30. Strategic Planning for Small Scale Industries
  31. Strategic Marketing for Microfinance Institutions
  32. Sustainable Enterprise Development and Management