Agriculture, Food Security and Land Management (AFSL)

Venue: – Pretoria (RSA)

  1. Agricultural Extension, Innovations and Training
  2. Agricultural Policy Formulation and Analysis
  3. Agricultural Policy in Africa
  4. Agricultural Projects Monitoring and Evaluation
  5. Agriculture Development and Food Security
  6. Agriculture Marketing & International Trade
  7. Agriculture Production & Trade
  8. Agriculture Project Planning & Management
  9. Analysis & Planning of Investment Projects in the Agriculture Sector
  10. Commodity-Based Export Diversification and Competitiveness Strategies
  11. Community Food Security and Agriculture Development
  12. Community Sustainable Livelihood And Food Security Management
  13. Concepts and Tools for Agriculture Value Chain
  14. Data Collection & Analysis in Agriculture Sector
  15. Developing Value Chain Pilot Project Plans
  16. Development of Indicators for Sustainable Agriculture
  17. Ecofarming practices for smallholdings
  18. Environmental Impact Assessment of Agriculture Projects
  19. Environmental Monitoring in the Agriculture Sector
  20. Farm Planning and Management
  21. Field Crop Production for Sustainability
  22. Financing Agriculture Projects for Sustainability
  23. Financing of Agriculture Projects
  24. Food Insecurity and Vulnerability Information and Mapping Systems
  25. Food Security and Land Rights
  26. Gender Analysis & Sustainability in Agriculture Sector
  27. Global Agricultural Value Chains: Sustainable
  28. Growth for Sustainable Development
  29. Governance in Global Value Chains
  30. High Value Agricultural Products for Smallholder Markets
  31. Horticulture for Food Security
  32. Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture Sector
  33. Impact of HIV & AIDS on Sustainability in Agriculture Sector
  34. Implementing and Sustaining Food Security in Africa